Lifts Catalog Sales

Two lifts, made in Austria.
Lifting capacity from 3.2 tons to 6 tons.
There are different types such as Lower Bridge and Upper Bridge.
The height of the walls are up to 5 meters.​

Scissors Lift. Suitable for flat tires or metals with or without portable command. There is also Double-Lift for machines with a lifting capacity from 3.0 to 3.5 tons to a height of 2 meters.​

Electro-Hydraulic columns for trucks. Made in Austria.
Comes with 4 or 6 stands with lifting capacity starting from 22 up to 45 tons.​

Electro-Mechanical Lifts for trucks. Made in France.
Comes with 4 stands and there is an option to expand to 6.
The lifting capacity of the stand is from 6.5 tons to 8.2.
This lift is divided into two types, one with a wired connection and the other is wireless. You can also purchase Lift for special vehicles such as two-stand forklifts with lifting capacity of 4 tons per stand.​

Four Stands Lift. Made in Austria. Lifting capacity is 4.2 tons and 6.4 tons.​